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Roser Ferrando: actriu, creadora & pedagoga teatral i corporal - Barcelona

Since a young age I´ve been fascinated by reading and the theatre.

Whilst devouring Julio Cortazar and interpreting Brechtian  texts in theatre classes at the weekend, adolescence hit me and with it the decision to choose a university career; so that, from my curiosity and passion for reading, I started studying Hispanic language and literature but two years later, I was seduced again by the theatre, I decided to combine it with Dramatic Art studies at the Institue of Theatre in Barcelona.

This is when, stationed in Barcelona, I discovered new lines of work in the performing arts that are linked to dance, movement, improvisation and composition/drama. From then on, as a result of this new interest for movement and creation, I continued my education in the paths of esteemed professionals like:

Sonia Klamburg, Ana Buitrago, Gema Diaz, Franco di Francescantonio, Jose Sanchis Sinisterra, Enrique Vargas, Tomeu Verges, Constanza Brncic, Jungsun Kim, Elias Cohen, Monica Valenciano, Mireia Darder and Nuria Leonelli.


I specialized in body awareness techniques, improvisation, movement and also Body Formation at the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona. At present, I am training to become a Health Qigong instructor at the Institute Qigong of Barcelona.



During all this time I worked as an interpreter in different shows of self creation and/or collective and I have demonstrated my work in Serbia, Amsterdam, Berlin, Spain, meanwhile developing various teaching methods that link with interpretation, movement and various techniques of body awareness. All of these things are focused on in workshops and seminars that I run in different centers in Barcelona.

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